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Respite Care &

Assigned Guardian Angel has a funky interior decorated house for young teen and adults to explore their inner curiosity and engagements, we also cater for physical disability with accessible amenities and ramps and rails. 

With 24 hours care with trained support workers and a choice to share the house with others , our respite facility will definitely feel like home away from home.



Respite supports participants and their careers by giving careers short breaks from their caring responsibilities. It also gives participants time away from their families.​ For a participant, this might mean:

  • joining a new community group

  • having a short stay out of the home to try new things, make new friends or develop new skills.

  • temporary periods of extra personal supports so that the participant can remain at home when families and/or careers are not available

  • support to participate in community activities, resulting in a break for families.

For careers, taking some time off can help them better manage their own health and improve their wellbeing. 

Assigned Guardian Angel has strategized three principles in our respite accommodations that tends to meet most goals and objectives in participants Plan, these  principles are:

Compulsory Activities: Compulsory activities are activities that need to occur for day to day living to occur. These are necessary activities to accomplish healthy and normal living within a 24-hour period. Participants are
engaged in the activities to achieve their goal of building independency and becoming an independent adult, example of these activities includes. Bed making, Morning routine Hygiene, writing up shopping list, grocery shopping, Money, and budgeting.

Physical activities: Physical activity, exercise or sports can improve  health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have
immediate and long-term health benefits and that is why we have incorporated exercise as part of our morning routine and by choice during the day our respite accommodations.

Leisure Activities and Play: Just like the name suggest, these activities allow kids and adults to be kids as well as opening their mind to participate in their community, relax their mind and just have fun.

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